More and more companies are implementing a flexible work system that allows employees to flexibly work their commuting hours by filling their working hours.

Because of the commute time, there is a controversy among office workers.

An article was posted on an online community with the title, 'Staff who go to work early, is the water dirty?'

The writer revealed that he goes to work 2 hours earlier than the regular work time of 9:00.

My company said that if you fill 8 hours of work time, you can use 1-2 hours of commuting time flexibly.

However, when he was not confident, his boss ordered, "Don't think about taking overtime pay, come out early like the writer and finish your work."

They even go to work early for several days and spend time eating breakfast at the cafe in front of the company.

In response, netizens responded with conflicting reactions, pointing out that it was a nuisance to other colleagues and others saying that it was 'individual freedom'.