Does your pet live like a king or queen when you’re around? It’s ok - we do the same, but what about when you have things to do like visiting family or going to work?

When you’re not home, your pet has a lot of downtime with little to keep themselves preoccupied. They can get anxious and bored, leading to unhealthy habits like chewing up furniture or even making a mess by going to the bathroom inside. 

But what if there was a way to never leave their side? 

With Guliguli’s new Smart Pet Companion Robot, you can spoil your pet at any time of the day, even when you’re not home. 

Smart Pet Companion Robot Features

Guliguli's latest innovation is equipped with a 1080P full HD camera, night vision capabilities, and 2-way audio through a phone app to keep an eye on and stay in constant communication with your pet. 

The 1080P full HD camera delivers a crystal clear picture that even allows you to snap photos and record videos of your little prince or princess. And with the help of the night vision lens, you can make sure you can see them in high-quality no matter the time of day - making it perfect for people who are away at night rather than during the day. 

The 2-way audio is a terrific way to make your pet feel like you're home when you're away from home. With your pet hearing the sound of your voice, it can familiarize itself better with the robot companion while developing a deeper and more meaningful connection with it. 

The Smart Pet Companion Robot can also dispense treats with 12 separate cartridges to last throughout the day. One tap of a button on the GULIGULI mobile app, and your pet can enjoy his or her favorite snack.

If it wasn't clear already, the Smart Pet Companion Robot is great for both dogs and cats! Equipped on the front of the robot is a laser for cats to swipe away at wherever it points, and the wheels were designed to handle even the biggest dog without being toppled. Furthermore, the wheels can handle 15-degree inclines, so if you have towels, articles of clothing, or different types of floors within your house - that's no problem. 

The mobile app that accompanies the Smart Pet Companion Robot is user-friendly. It utilizes a touch-screen d-pad to control the robot and has four separate buttons on the side of the screen to dispense treats, take photos/videos, control the laser, and even can send an invite to friends and family so they can watch all the fun you're having with your pet from their phones. 

And the best thing about it all? There are no subscription fees that come with the Smart Companion Robot!

Start spoiling your pet today, even when you’re not home with GULIGULI.

To learn more about GULIGULI and the Smart Companion Robot you can visit their online store at Amazon.