“The fact that this is a car, there is no doubt.

Judging by its brightness, and it is brighter than the full Moon, the fireball has a size of several meters, from 1 to 5. And such stones, when flying in the atmosphere, burn out almost completely, although some amount of matter may fall on the Earth’s surface, ”Veselkov told TASS.

The bolide, presumably, burned up in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

“Over the ocean, satellites often detect larger objects,” said Nikolai Paklin, associate professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics and Wave Phenomena at the Siberian Federal University.

At the same time, another scientist is a leading researcher at the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Physics.

Kirensky Sergey Karpov - believes that the size of the car, most likely, were more modest.

“In my opinion, the dimensions could be from a few centimeters to a meter.

Otherwise, there would be a strong shock wave with sound,” he said.

On January 31, a flying meteor was noticed over Krasnoyarsk and adjacent areas.