The response of the parking lot security guard who parked the car in the aisle of the underground parking lot of a building and put a chain on a 'nuisance vehicle' that did not leave contact information and attached several warning stickers is a hot topic.

Yesterday (19th), an article titled 'The owner parked in the aisle vs the security guard wearing a lot of stickers' was posted on an online community.

Writer A posted two photos along with a short message, "It's an underground parking lot at the company. I parked in a corner or aisle, I don't have contact information, and I haven't pulled out the car even though I've broadcast (information) several times."

The photo shows a car parked on one side of an aisle with no parking lines.

Several no-parking signs connected by chains are erected in the front and rear of the car, and a bar that appears to be made of iron is also tied to the front wheel on the driver's side with a chain.

In addition to this, a lot of yellow parking warning stickers are pasted all over the glass of the vehicle.

Some netizens who saw this commented, "You're sure to be a security guard," "You're cool inside," "I want to scout the security man to our apartment," "I'm chained up, so I can't just run away," "To take off the owner's sticker, it's a little hard. I will do it", "I look forward to the reviews" and so on.

On the other hand, some people showed an unfavorable gaze, saying that if the nuisance vehicle was a luxury sedan, such as a foreign car, they would have done the same.

The review was delivered the next day (20th).

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Mr. A said, “The driver of the sticker vehicle I encountered on the way home from work works for a nearby company, and he parked at our company building.” "he said.

He added, "The angry guard and the warden screamed a lot, and the owner followed him to the management office almost crying," adding, "The car in question is missing."

On the other hand, even if the person who parked the car incorrectly provided the primary cause, be careful as it is considered a criminal act and can be punished if you respond in a way such as surrounding and blocking the nuisance vehicle or tying the wheel with a chain.

If you damage someone else's property, that is, the utility of the vehicle and cannot be used as intended, you can be punished by imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 7 million won under Article 366 of the Criminal Act.

If you encounter a nuisance vehicle, the first thing to do is to get help from a parking management company, and if you attach a sticker or even this is useless, you can sue the police for obstruction of business or general traffic obstruction.

(Photo = online community)