A new kind of 'eating and running' witnessing story that abuses the status of a minor to prevent business owners from reporting is causing public outrage.

Recently, in an online community, a post titled 'Young kids these days are really clever' was posted.

Author A, who was eating at a soup restaurant at the time, witnessed two men sitting at the next table going to the bathroom while eating.

Mr. A said, "There is a bathroom outside the store, but two men didn't come in at all, so (the restaurant employee) went to the bathroom to check, and they had already escaped."

In response, the restaurant employee reported the damage to the police, and later, while two men were eating, 'We are actually underage.

I found a note with 'I'm sorry' written on it.

Mr. A, who was watching this, said, "It seems that (men) just ran away thinking that they would not be able to report it if they sold alcohol to a minor."

He added, "I don't know which of the two men wrote the memo, but from what I can see, their faces weren't teenagers."

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To the police who were dispatched after receiving the report, the restaurant employee insisted, “I already had a drink somewhere else, and I was 22 years old, so I gave you a drink without ID check.” Would you like to accept it?" he asked.

In response, the employee reportedly canceled the report, saying, "If the people who ran away were minors, the store would almost certainly be closed and the boss scolded me."

Mr. A lamented, "It's the employee's fault for not checking the ID, but the two men are really disgusting. (The price of the food) is less than 30,000 won, so don't you have any money to pay for it?"

Netizens who saw this also responded, "I don't think he's a minor. It's very vicious" and "There is a separate person who commits a crime, and the store owner should take the damage."

Meanwhile, under the current law, business owners caught selling alcohol to minors may be subject to business suspension or closure, imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to 20 million won in accordance with the Juvenile Protection Act and the Food Sanitation Act.

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