Most of the snow that had been falling since dawn has subsided, but tomorrow (the 22nd) there is a forecast that heavy snow will come again, mainly in Honam.

The weather that has been full for a while is also expected to be very cold again from tomorrow.

Today, let's connect from the weather center and find out the weather.

Nam Eugene Caster.


Yes, the snow in Seoul stopped early, but rain and snow are still continuing across the country.

However, except for the mountainous areas of Jeju, all heavy snow warnings have been lifted.

From now until tonight, there will be up to 3cm of snow in the inland of Gangwon, and a little more snow of around 1cm in the central region and eastern Jeonbuk.

However, tomorrow, a lot of snow is predicted, mainly in Chungcheong, Honam, and Jeju.

If you look at the expected snowfall for three days from tomorrow to Gulpi, a lot of snow is expected in the Honam area, up to 30cm or more, in the Jeju mountains, up to 50cm or more, and in the west coast of Chungnam, up to 25cm.

You need to do a good facility inspection in advance to avoid collapsing weak structures such as vinyl houses.

Meanwhile, a cold wave warning was issued again in the central and northern Gyeongsang provinces.

The cold that stopped for a while today will get worse again from tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning temperature in Seoul will drop to -9 degrees Celsius and Chuncheon -11 degrees Celsius, and the daytime temperature will also blow fiercely throughout the day with cold winds blowing while Seoul stays at -6 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, the morning temperature in Seoul drops to minus 14 degrees, making the cold even more severe.

(Nam Yu-jin weather caster)