It was confirmed that the police sent a document containing Minister Han's home address while notifying the reporters belonging to the 'Citizen Press The Investigation' who were accused of going to the house of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon and notifying them of the ban on access under the Stalking Punishment Act.

According to the police today (30th), the Suseo Police Station in Seoul took emergency measures to prevent journalists from approaching a minister, his family, or his residence within 100m or using telecommunication means yesterday, and sent a text message containing the decision. Sent by message.

The Tampa posted a picture of this decision on its YouTube channel, and the home address of a minister listed in it was revealed with only the apartment number covered.

The National Police Agency's criminal investigation rules stipulate that an emergency 'notice' should be issued to the stalker if an emergency measure is decided.

The notification contains only the contents of emergency measures and the method of objection, and does not contain the address of the victim.

On the other hand, the decision is a document sent to the victim of stalking, and contains the victim's address and specific reasons for the decision.

The police explained that they did not send the wrong document to the investigation side, but sent two notices and a decision.

A police official said, "After the revision of the Criminal Procedure Act, we are providing copies of arrest warrants, arrest warrants, and search warrants to the suspect in order to guarantee the right to defense." We sent a written decision detailing the reason for the decision to take action."

He added, "As the reporters of The Investigation already knew the address and went to the front of the house, we decided that there would be no big problem even if we sent a decision."

"But I can't say there was no mistake," said the official. "I had to cover up the address of Minister Han and send the decision," he said.

(Photo = Captured from YouTube channel 'Citizen Press The Exploration', Yonhap News)