We received a report from employees that they had been sexually harassed and abused by an executive at a public institution.

He even pointed out his appearance to a person undergoing dialysis treatment, but the agency did not take any action despite knowing this.

Reporter Shin Jeong-eun covered it.


Mr. A was hired as an experiential intern in December of last year through a recruitment notice for the disabled at the Korea Ceramic Technology Institute under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

What made it even more difficult for Mr. A, who was receiving dialysis treatment every day, was sexual harassment and harassment by an executive, Mr. Jeong.

[Mr. A: I want to give you a full-time job, but I can’t because I have a disability.

What should I do if my kidneys hurt and my head hurts?

I was pretty in my previous department, but why am I so fat now?

Why are your hands so black?]

Other employees also said that Mr. Jung did not hesitate to use abusive language or offensive comments.

[Mr. B: I think I heard things like 'Isn't this enough' while having a double bath?]

[Mr. C: You went on business trips to other students and researchers and always talked about prostitution a lot.

'What kind of massage parlour is there and you have to visit this place.

When the time comes, we should go together.” He said this a lot…


Raising the issue was difficult.

[Mr. C: He always tells me that other executives are on his side...


They have a reputation in the ceramic industry and need to get a letter of recommendation.

After months of pain, Mr. A visited the audit office in May.

Despite the explanation of the audit office that seems to be reluctant to investigate,

[Auditor's Office: Prior to making it official, I think it is better to be careful by giving verbal warnings

. I did.

[Auditor's Office: Investigate and prepare, and if you do this, you will be gone for two or three months.

Time flies.

(Mr. A: I don't want to solve it amicably.) In that case, I think it would be appropriate to do so after consulting.]

However, no action was taken until the end of last month.

[Mr A: I didn't even check how things were going now.

It's just really covered.

As I keep seeing the perpetrator's completely changed attitude, I can't seem to solve it by reporting it alone.]

In the end, when Mr. A filed a complaint with the Labor Office on the 29th of last month, the Institute of Technology fired Mr. Jung two days later and moved the department.

(Video coverage: Jeong Kyung-moon, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, CG: Jo Su-in)



Reporter Shin Jeong-eun who covered this content is listed. 

Q. Why was no action taken for 5 months?

[Reporter Shin Jeong-eun: The first place the victim visited was the audit room, which is the highest in the Institute of Technology.

There are two explanations from the technical institute, one is that there was no formal request for investigation, and that the victim did not take any additional measures because he wanted confidentiality.

However, according to the current law, the workplace is obliged to investigate immediately upon learning of sexual harassment or workplace harassment.

Experts emphasized that this investigation

and confidentiality cannot be given up on either, but that it is a duty to be observed together.

I don't want it, unless the company explicitly says, 'Please don't take any further action', of course, the company has to comply with its obligation to thoroughly maintain security while conducting an investigation.

] Venture Business Member: The Ceramic Technology Institute should be held accountable for concealing and acquiescing what was neglected for 5 months...


Q. How much pain did the victim suffer?

[Reporter Jeong-eun Shin: Painful traces remained in the messages and diaries that the victim shared with acquaintances at the time.

Looking at a few, nothing has changed, I think I told the perpetrator about what I received from the audit room, my attitude has changed, I have the same nightmare, it's hard to go to work every day.

These things are included.

An executive, Mr. Jeong, is now denying the various claims of damage from employees, but several reports have already been received by the Labor Office.

The staff are very concerned about Mr. Jung's recent attempts to find or pressurize the reporters while calling nearby staff, adding to the reporters.]

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