"Bitches, come out of your burrows like rabbits, you are nymphomaniac whores, I promise you that you are all going to fuck in the capea, let's go Ahuja!", a resident of the Elías Ahuja Residence Hall shouts over the loudspeaker in

a macho chant to his neighbors, the residents of the Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica

, in Madrid, which has gone viral.

In a concerted action, after the "Come on Ahuja!"

the lights of the rooms of the Elías Ahuja building turn on in unison while the shadows of the residents are reflected, threateningly, in the illuminated windows.

The events, which have been recorded and broadcast on networks, have been

condemned by the management of the male college attached to the Complutense University

, managed by the Order of San Agustín.

The management has apologized to the Colegio Mayor Santa Mónica that has nothing to do with the ideology of the center, of a religious nature, and that could end with the expulsion of its promoters.

Another of the initiatives adopted by the educational institution will be "the compulsory participation of schoolchildren in

the course to raise awareness of gender equality


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