Next month, BTS will hold a concert to pray for the Busan World Expo.

It is being pointed out that the purpose of a free concert is meaningless.

A fast food franchise is selling hamburger sets for 7,000 won by offering a BTS concert ticket voucher as a prize.

You can also apply for a 5,000 won latte or 9,000 won donut set.

Fans who have been eliminated from the ticket lottery or eliminated from online general reservations are eager to secure tickets, aiming for the competitions held by companies like this.

You have to spend more money to increase your chances of winning.

Recently, there has been a lot of ticket trading, which makes the purpose of a free concert even more obsolete.

Ticket transfer prices range from 100,000 won to a maximum of 800,000 won.

Due to this situation, voices such as 'a free performance only with patterns' and 'I would rather have sold tickets' are coming out among fans.