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In Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, there is a golf course called New Seoul CC operated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

It is a place that is visited by so many people that it is not easy to make a reservation, but the police investigation revealed that the police and city councilors made a so-called cut-off reservation at the golf course.

First of all, this is reporter Ha Jung-yeon's exclusive report.

<Reporter> This

is the reservation status of 'company holdings' of New Seoul CC Golf Course for the past 3 years, exclusively obtained by SBS.

Company-owned means a reservation right that the golf course side has taken out for a specific person who is not a member.

[New Seoul CC golf course employee: I was going to use it when there is a need for company business.

There are various scopes of work, but I did it because there are things I need.]

By date and time, the person who made the reservation, and the golf course staff who made the reservation are listed.

It seems a bit difficult to say that it is company-owned, but to put it simply, you make a reservation by cutting through.

This membership is usually traded in the mid 300 million range.

It is difficult for members to make a reservation at this time, but those who make a reservation with this company can ignore all these procedures and make a reservation with just one phone call to the golf course staff.

This means that non-members who make reservations with the company's reserves receive more benefits than members.

[Membership trading company: New Seoul has about 2,000 members in 36 halls.

Two thousand people are going to come in just to make a reservation at the same time.

You have to work hard and make a reservation quickly.]

In December of last year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which operates the golf course as an affiliated organization, also identified this problem and commissioned the police to investigate the New Seoul golf course.

Afterwards, during the police investigation, it was confirmed that former and incumbent police officers and city council members were included in the reservation list for company holdings.

The police also secured statements and data that there was a team leader-level city official and a police intelligence officer at the Gwangju City Hall and the Gwangju Police Station, respectively, acting as 'reservation windows'.

In the case of city hall, when city councilor A requests a golf course reservation from this team leader-level official, this official confirms the reservation through the golf course staff.

It is known that several evidences have been secured that the Gwangju Police Station intelligence officer made a reservation in a similar way.

Golf course staff who made reservations and officials who acted as tellers may be in violation of the Anti-Graft Act.

In particular, the police reviewed not only the Anti-Graft Act, but also plans to apply bribery to public officials who played golf with the convenience of reservations if job relevance and remuneration were recognized.

Person A, who was a member of the Gwangju City Council at the time, explained, "It is true that I asked for a reservation, but I only asked for it on behalf of an acquaintance." He explained, "I did not play golf myself."

In addition, city hall officials, police intelligence officers, and former and current police officers who were designated as reservation counters all stated that they did not ask for reservations or received any convenience.

(Video coverage: Choi Jun-sik, Cho Chang-hyeon, Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Lee Seung-jin, CG: Ryu Sang-soo, VJ: Roh Jae-min, Helicopter pilot: Min Byeong-ho, Kim Kang-young)

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