It has been confirmed that 23 Mongolian tourists who have visited Jeju Island for medical tourism have lost contact after completing their tour schedule.

According to the tourism industry on the 28th (today), 23 of the 150 Mongolian tourists who arrived at Jeju International Airport through the medical wellness chartered tour product on the 22nd have disappeared.

They were scheduled to return to their home countries on the 26th after finishing their tour for 4 nights and 5 days.

On the last day of the tour, on the 26th, 23 Mongolian tourists disappeared without contact from the dormitory.

They can stay in Korea without a visa for 30 days, so they will maintain their normal tourist status until July 21st, and if they exceed this period, they will become illegal residents.

On the 9th and 14th of next month, there are still charter flights to Mongolia, so it is still too early to conclude that it is an illegal stay.

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However, as foreign tourists disappear in the process of normalizing international flights at Jeju International Airport, concerns are growing in the Jeju tourism industry.

The tourism industry said, "It seems that brokers that introduce foreign workers to rural and fishing villages, where there is a shortage of skilled workers, are starting to work again."

Meanwhile, two of the Mongolian tourists who visited Jeju were diagnosed with COVID-19 and were unable to return to their home countries and are currently staying in Jeju.

(Photo = Yonhap News)