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has patented a technology that will allow it to remotely detect any change in the code of one of its games and, therefore, identify those users who intend

to cheat

in them and act on them.

The Japanese

video game

company is usually especially linked to the persecution of piracy on its platforms and the safeguarding of its content.


's next target

is players who cheat, according to its latest technology registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Thanks to it,


hopes to detect any change in the code of one of its games.

As an example, a technology is described that scans the code of a program (such as a video game) and detects players using

modified versions

of it.

To do this, the


automatically creates different "confirmation programs" that can be stored on its servers.



is to carry out remote checks on programs that are being executed on users' devices in search of "code reuse" techniques.

By comparing the results obtained, the


can determine if the user has modified a program and then close their game session.

on remote


highlights the advantages of this approach by being able to execute its confirmation programs


, preventing the user from modifying the verification logic and avoiding the need to deploy software updates to


the changes.

According to the company, this improves security, and by reducing the need to release multiple patches, the system's broadband


is generally improved .

The Japanese points out that these types of tools are especially useful for


players of multiplayer titles that include a competitive component.


emphasizes that in this type of game, users are able to "modify the 'software' in a way that allows them to have advantages over other players on different systems throughout a multiplayer title."

In this sense, the Japanese points out that these "

unfair advantages

" result in a game "much less satisfactory" for the user and, therefore, affects both their experience and their interaction with the game.

Furthermore, such


create "certain security risks" in the system.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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