Recently, an article in 'Lotte World Adventure Busan' that some users illegally filmed a woman spread through an online community, but it turned out that this was not true.

Yesterday (24th), a tip and photo posted on an online community showed two men holding their cellphones close between a crevice of a tree.

The author of the post claimed, "When women ride the Busan Gijang Lotte World Giant Swing, men wearing sunglasses film (women) through the trees."

"Despite talking to the staff, the men continued to wander around the ride," he added.

Enlarging an image

The post spread rapidly through social media under the name of 'Lotte World Illegal Filming Man', and drew the outrage of many netizens.

However, this turned out not to be the case.

According to Lotte World in Busan today (25th), a report was received that a man was secretly filming a visitor riding an amusement ride in a theme park at the time, but he said that he could not find any suspicious photos.

The Lotte World security team leader who received the report went to the scene and checked the photo albums and trash cans on the cell phones of the two people in the photo, but there were no photos that could be suspected of being illegally filmed.

The suspected man explained to the security team, "I took a picture of an acquaintance before the ride started."

Lotte World Busan explained that the photos actually taken only included the man's acquaintances and there were no photos suspected of being illegally filmed.

A Lotte World Busan official said, "It seems that someone misunderstood it and reported it to the community because it was filmed through a crack in the trees."

On the other hand, the current community post in question has been deleted.

(Photo = Instagram)