The term has been heavily used for some time.

There is hardly an activity that is not hailed as an adventure, be it the all-inclusive cruise or the day hike to the Wasserkuppe with a sandwich in your backpack.

The senior SUV is attached to a thirst for adventure, as is the well-behaved e-bike.

The wide world of goods abounds with ordinariness, to which the label of adventure is attached to spice up the image.

Walter Will

“Technology and Engine” editorial team

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The powered two-wheeler industry is no exception.

The ranks of travel enduros come across all brands under the category of adventure bikes.

The term is now even appearing among scooters, which brings us to the new SR GT from Aprilia, the first “Urban Adventure” scooter from the brand, which belongs to the Italian Piaggio Group.

If you are looking for the urban adventure, you can choose between the 125 and the 200.

Now, riding a scooter in the hustle and bustle of Italian cities is always an adventure, but what is the adventure in the construction of the vehicle?

As so often, it is mainly pretended. One could, if one wanted to.

The SR GT uses stylistic elements from the motorcycle world and here especially from the off-road world, just as Honda already does with the X-ADV 750 and the ADV 350, which are a few displacement classes higher.

Michelin tires with a distinctive lug tread are such a point;

this serves less for traction on the loose ground in remote Wilder-Watz areas, but rather for the show.

It works.

Beyond acting, the SR GT has a whole host of praiseworthy attributes.

In the dark, the LED lighting units provide excellent light on a par with better motorcycles.

The fairing not only evokes associations with the motorcycle department of the manufacturer from Noale, but also effectively shields the wind in conjunction with the floating pane.

The sitting position is relaxed, provides an overview and a pleasant feeling of control.

The superior chassis is typical of Aprilia and far above average for a scooter.

Tubular frame, Showa dampers with relatively long spring deflections, 14-inch wheels at the front and 13-inches at the rear deliver a convincing idea of ​​what cushioning bumps,

The braking system also makes an effort, grabs enough, but unfortunately a bit wooden in terms of the feeling on the levers.

Aprilia only gives the SR GT 200 an ABS for 4190 euros.

The Italians only treat the 200 euro cheaper 125 to a combination brake system.

Means: By pulling on the left brake lever, the braking force is distributed to the front and rear wheels.

The lever on the right of the handlebar activates the front brake only.

A jet helmet fits in

Apart from the braking system, the 125 and 200 differ in their engines.

124 cc displacement here, 174 there.

The smaller engine from the Piaggio fundus nominally delivers the maximum power of 15 hp (11 kW) permitted for the A1 driver's license and the B196.

It sends up to 12 Newton meters of torque in the direction of the powertrain swing arm, lets the scooter, which weighs 144 kilos according to the data sheet, start quickly at the traffic light and pushes the speedometer beyond the city limits to 90 or 100 without seeming tormented - on the flat.

As soon as inclines have to be taken, the engine begins to gasp and has to tear off.

In such situations, one wishes for the 200, which comes up with 18 hp and 17 Nm and weighs only four kilograms more.

Both variants have an automatic start-stop system that can be switched off.

Our average consumption with the 125 was 3 liters per 100 kilometers, but with a high proportion of freeways and a correspondingly high level of full throttle.

Otherwise, the standard consumption of 2.5 should be possible.

The fuel tank with a capacity of nine liters is in the high center tunnel, which on the one hand underlines the sporty and robust appearance of the scooter, but on the other hand makes getting on and off more difficult.

Threading your leg in front of the seat or swinging it over the back is about as difficult.

The storage compartment under the bench, which is held vertically by a spring when open, is quite pleasing with a volume of 25 liters, but it is cut in such a way that it does not swallow a full-face helmet or a full-blown laptop bag.

After all: A jet helmet fits in.

The luggage compartment opens electrically at the touch of a button.

Aprilia is also generous here: both a side stand and a main stand are available, as well as a smartphone compartment with USB connection, elegantly fold-out footrests for passengers, multimedia options and an all-round informative cockpit.

However, we found its unadorned LCD screen with low-contrast display to be capable of improvement in terms of appearance and readability.

Some plastic parts on the Aprilia look terribly cheap, others are chic.

Carbon imitation can be found in various places, this also an allusion to the motorcycle world, as well as the uncovered enduro-style tubular handlebars, unfortunately surrounded by a tangle of cables and wires.

All pretty adventurous.

No offense.

During our two urban adventure weeks with the Aprilia, we heard several sounds of delight, especially from younger viewers.