“This is also a natural economic activity of man.

Man is now in close contact with animals in parts of the world where there was no such contact before.

This is the eating of meat of wild animals, this is the sale of wild animals, ”the expert said.

All these conditions contribute to the fact that there is an interspecies transition of viruses from animals to humans, she added.

“You have to understand that this story is not about disadvantaged countries.

So, for example, in the United States of America, every year at farm animal fairs, people become infected with bird flu from pigs, simply because there are such conditions, conditions for such transmission, ”Nepomnyashchikh said.

To reduce the risk of infection, one should not come into contact with wild animals, be careful when traveling abroad, consume animal products for food only after pre-heat treatment, the expert noted.

“Do not forget about personal hygiene measures, and wearing masks, as previous practice has shown, is a very effective way,” the Vector employee summed up.

Nepomnyashchikh also said that the type of monkeypox, which is being discussed today, causes a mortality rate of less than 1%, so far no deaths have been recorded among the sick.