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police investigating the case where employees fell after drinking bottled water in the office analyzed the evidence and as a result, the toxic substances detected in the victims' bodies did not come out of the bottled water.

Police are also examining the food, while also checking the bottled water for other toxic substances.

By Park Jae-hyung, staff reporter.


Two male and female employees who drank bottled water at a company in Seocho-gu, Seoul fell on the 18th.

As a result of analysis by the National Forensic Service, 'sodium azide', used as a raw material for agricultural pesticides, was detected in the blood of a fallen male employee.

It is a toxic substance mainly used as a raw material for pesticides and herbicides.

There was also an employee of this company who lost consciousness after drinking soda on the 10th, but sodium azide was also detected in the results of the beverage company's own investigation.

After several toxic substances, including sodium azide, were found in the house of a company employee, Mo Kang, who was found dead at his home after absenteeism, the police booked the deceased as a suspect.

This is because compulsory investigations such as cell phone forensics are required to reveal the motive of the crime.

Another key piece of evidence, however, yielded contradictory results.

The bottled water, which two employees who fell after drinking bottled water, said "it tasted strange" did not contain any toxic substances above the standard level.

It was the same with the cup the police sent with the National Forensic Service.

Toxic substances were detected in the victim's body, but how they ingested it is unknown.

The police plan to investigate all the food consumed by the victims based on employee statements, and also investigate the possibility that bottled water, etc., had been changed before the police report.

In addition, we requested additional analysis from the National Fruit Tree to see if there were any other toxic substances in the bottled water.

(Video editing: Park Ji-in)

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