A resident of Huy (Belgium) was the victim of an Internet scam.

The scam, which works through Facebook and Messenger, concerns the television show

Le Meilleur Pâtissier

, reports RTL Info.

“I was contacted by a friend on Messenger who told me she was on the show,” she explains.

The post contained a link to a website where one could vote for various

Best Pastry



In fact, the Facebook account of the famous "friend" had been hacked.

Seven validated bank withdrawals

After having voted, the victim received a second message, telling him that she was going to "receive advertisements for 500 euros".

The Belgian was then panicked.

Another message then arrived, telling him a 10-step procedure to avoid payment.

"I had to follow the steps with my bank card reader", explains the victim.

Except that by doing so, she encoded her bank details on the Internet.

As the stages progressed, his bank account was debited.

The resident has, despite herself, validated seven withdrawals before stopping everything.

His Facebook account hacked

"In all, I lost 1,200 euros," she testifies.

She quickly objected to her bank card and lodged a complaint before contacting her bank.

The latter unfortunately explained to him that she could not do anything, especially since she had acted recklessly.

To make matters worse, the Belgian also had her Facebook account hacked.

Some of his friends have received scam messages and have also been fooled.

Impossible for her to alert them, since she no longer had access to her account.

She tried to contact Facebook, to no avail.

Even if their money is lost, the victim wants to at least alert the others.


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