The Chuseok holiday is already coming next month, and the thoughts of preparing a Chuseok gift naturally follow.

Health food, fruits, and meat usually come to mind, but this year, unusual gift products from convenience stores are attracting attention.

A yacht with a maximum price of 900 million won or more with a kitchen and bathroom, a 2 carat diamond, a pure gold medal, and Pilates equipment are also noteworthy.

These are Chuseok gift sets introduced by the convenience store industry.

Convenience stores selling expensive products that are not easy to find even in department stores are showing a trend of 'retributive consumption', in which they pour out the consumer cravings they endured due to the impact of Corona 19, and this year's Chuseok is also a non-face-to-face holiday. it's aimed.

For the younger generation who value value consumption recently, we have launched educational programs, not goods, as gifts.

They sell dog training programs that include one-on-one lessons from renowned dog trainers, and they also offer lifetime courses for licensed brokers.

An industry insider analyzed that convenience stores are testing the limits of what products they can sell beyond daily necessities on Chuseok.