Vaccination starts today (26th) for 55-59 years old. Vaccines in the metropolitan area were given the Pfizer vaccine instead of Moderna.

Reporter Park Soo-jin will explain the detailed vaccination schedule.

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are about 7,347,000 people in their 50s who start getting vaccinated from today.

Ages 55 to 59 start getting vaccinated first, and those aged 50 to 54 get vaccinated from the 16th to 28th of the following month.

86% of those aged 55-59 and 82% of those aged 50-54 completed their reservations in advance.

Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are given. Those aged 55 to 59 were eligible for the Moderna vaccine at the time of reservation, but as the vaccine supply is delayed, most of those in their 50s who are vaccinated in the metropolitan area this week will receive Pfizer.

Since last Friday, quarantine authorities have sent text messages to the subjects to change the vaccine, but there were also reservations who expressed dissatisfaction.

[Subjects in their 50s in the metropolitan area: Delta mutations are also safe on this side, so I held on to the reservation all day to fit moderna, but suddenly… .] The

second vaccination in the 50s is done 4 weeks after the first vaccination.

The quarantine authorities adjusted the Pfizer vaccination interval, which was originally three weeks, to four weeks, the same as that of Moderna.

[Kwon Jun-wook/Second Vice-Director of the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters (last 23rd): If the inoculation interval is different for each vaccine, it is difficult to confirm the timing of the second inoculation in advance. I want to (adjusted.)]

More than 100,000 people aged 60 to 74 who did not receive the vaccine due to reservation delays or changes in the first half of the year will also receive the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines from today.

Starting tomorrow, about 300,000 people will be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at 43 business sites nationwide with affiliated clinics.

Vaccinations for those in their 40s and younger are scheduled to start booking in mid-August, and specific vaccination plans will be announced later this week.