Yesterday (21st), the daytime temperature across the country exceeded 35 degrees. Refrigerators filled with cool water appeared on the trail to beat the heat wave, and a watering car was used to cool the road. It's hot today. The sweltering heat is expected to continue through this weekend.

Correspondent Seo Dong-gyun.

<Reporter> The

red telephone booth contains a large refrigerator filled with bottled water instead of a telephone.

It is provided free of charge to citizens looking for trails.

[Choi Eun-ja / Nowon-gu, Seoul: (because of the heat) I was thirsty, so I'm so happy. Yes. It's cool.]

Asphalt heated in the scorching sun is approaching 50 degrees when viewed with a thermal imaging camera.

Sprinklers installed on the center line are constantly spraying water, and some citizens have their heads covered in outerwear in the scorching sunlight.

Yesterday, the temperature in most parts of the country exceeded 35 degrees.

Seoul Memorial Hall rose to 37 degrees Celsius, and Dongducheon, Gyeonggi Province, was the hottest in the country at 39 degrees Celsius.

Thirty-four people were added to the heat sickness due to the full-fledged sweltering heat.

The number of people with heat illness this year is 1.5 times that of last year.

At the screening clinic where the screening procession continued, screens were standard, and even a water sprayer appeared, and blocks of ice were lined up along the waiting line.

Some local governments distribute ice water in parks for seniors who are vulnerable to heat waves and provide air-conditioned hotel rooms to low-income families as a bed.

An increasing number of places are reopening shelters and senior citizens' centers that were closed due to the 4th stage of distancing.

The heatwave will continue until the weekend as the hot and humid North Pacific high pressure completely covers Korea.