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Incheon, a 5-year-old boy suffered a major head injury and underwent emergency surgery. However, a bruise was found on the child's body, and the man who lived with the mother and the child together was caught by the police. It turns out that there was a report of suspected abuse last year.

By Park Chan-beom.

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ambulance enters the alleyway.

This is because reports have been received that a 5-year-old boy is not breathing.

It happened yesterday (10th) at around 1:30 pm in a multi-family house in Guwol-dong, Incheon.

The 5-year-old boy was raised by a 28-year-old mother and a man who lived the same age.

When paramedics transported the boy from here, he was breathing and had a pulse, but he was not conscious.

The man living with him claimed that the child fell while riding a horse and was injured, but the medical staff saw it as abuse and reported it to the police.

This is because the child is showing signs of bleeding in the brain and has bruises on his face.

It turned out that a report of suspected abuse was also received once in September of last year.

A neighbor reported it as loud noises continued to be heard in the house.

They told the police that the child was being disciplined for making a urine mistake at the time.

No physical abuse was found, so no measures were taken to separate children, and it was confirmed that a child protection agency had been managing the cases.

[Neighbors: (Usually) There are things that throw things. I screamed and heard only the sound.] The

emergency arrested mother and the man living together admitted that they hit the child, so the police decided to apply for an arrest warrant.

The child underwent emergency surgery last night and is not recovering consciousness.

(Video editing: Seung-Yeol Lee, CG: Jong-Jeong Lee, VJ: Jun-Young Lee)