The chief producer (CP) of Mnet, who was accused of manipulating audience votes on the audition program 'Idol School', was sentenced to prison in the first trial and arrested.

Chief Judge Lee Won-jung of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced CP Kim, who was indicted without detention on charges of obstruction of business, to one year in prison today (10th).

CP Kim, who was indicted without detention, was arrested in court following the sentence of imprisonment.

The court pleaded guilty to the charges against CP Kim, accusing CP, saying, "The fairness of the program has been seriously undermined, damaging the trust of viewers and resulting in mockery of viewers and voters."

Former Mnet business manager Kim Mo, who was also indicted, was judged to be merely an aiding, not an accomplice, and was sentenced to a fine of 10 million won.

CP Kim was handed over to trial on charges of manipulating viewers' paid votes between July and September 2017, when 'Idol School' aired.

(Photo = Yonhap News)