The malfunction at the tax authorities has been resolved, a spokesperson told on Friday.

However, the tax authorities are not yet increasing the capacity of the number of people who can file a tax return to 100 percent at the same time.

People who want to file a report on Saturday or Sunday may therefore still run into the limitation.

The capacity remains limited to ensure that people who can log in to My Tax and Customs Administration can successfully file their tax return, the tax authorities wrote on its website on Friday.

"We also know that many people want to file a declaration at the same time at the weekend. We use as much capacity as possible, but it may happen that you cannot log in immediately," warns the organization.

The outage at the tax authorities arose on March 1.

Because of the problems, people are given a week longer to report the crime.

The data must be submitted to the tax authorities no later than 8 May.

The spokesperson was unable to go into details at the time of publication of this article, but may provide more information on Friday afternoon.