The warm status of the dog'Kyung-Tae', who was not accused of being abused by a delivery driver, was revealed.

Recently, a suspicion has been raised that a courier driver who is active in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, mainly on the online community, neglects and abuses his dog in a truck.

However, earlier this month, the courier designated as the party posted an explanation, and it was revealed that it was the dog'Kyung-Tae', a dog that is loved and not abused.

The story containing the reversal spread through social media and melted the hearts of many netizens.The delivery driver posted a post again on the 18th to convey the surprise that Kyungtae has become an'honorary delivery driver'.

The delivery company's headquarters made a special cake and uniform for Kyeong-tae and presented it.

The delivery driver revealed a picture of the cake with one side crushed, and explained that it was "a cake for a dog that died from being struck by Kyeong-tae as soon as it was opened."

In addition, I was disappointed that the words'Honorary Courier Gyeongtae' were written on the cake.

Netizens happily said hello to the unforeseen disclosure. "Sunple" continues, such as "If Kyung-Tae brings home a courier, I will serve it as a homemade snack", "Let's be a mascot for the delivery company!", "Be healthy and happy with Kyung-Tae for a long time."

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the reversal clarification of the suspected abused courier


(Photo = Online community Nate version capture)