Still, the authorities say that getting the vaccine is good, but it is also true that it is anxious.

A few days ago, there was a long line to get the flu in front of the hospital, but today (the 21st), the number of people decreased noticeably.

Some people said they would postpone getting the vaccine, and even when they went to get the vaccine, there were many people who carefully asked if it was the same company that the person who died was the same vaccine.

Reporter Park Chan-beom covered the scene.


A family medicine clinic in Seoul.

Just two days ago, more than 80 people a day came to get the flu vaccine, but today, not even 10.

Instead, the number of inquiries only increased significantly, but people who came to get the vaccine often asked about the manufacturer's location and whether it was the same company product as the vaccine that the people who died had been hit.

[Disabled/People who wish to get the flu vaccine: Recently, there were side effects, and some died, but I am a little worried about the safety.]

There were cases in which three generations of families delayed vaccination.

[Lee Jong-seop/Yongsan-gu, Seoul: My son doesn't fit, and no one in my house fits.

I'll be right later.

My mother is 84 years old, but I'm afraid I'll go wrong because of anxiety...


Hospitals are asking you to fill out a more meticulously precautionary form asking for your health status before vaccination.

We also check whether you have an underlying disease, have experienced side effects related to vaccines in the past, and are allergic to eggs used to make vaccines.

Experts say vaccination should not be avoided as the current deaths have not yet been clearly correlated with flu vaccines.

[Seol-ah Chae / Family medicine specialist: The most common side effects are redness and pain in the affected area. Most of them all settle after 2-3 days. If you have redness, you can use ice packs, or if it is very difficult, you can take painkillers or antipyretics.] The

KCDC asks you to get the vaccine on a good day, at least 15 minutes at the inoculation center, and check for abnormal reactions before returning home. Recommended.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won, video editing: Kim Sun-tak, VJ: Shin So-young)

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