Cho Doo-soon (68), who is sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault of elementary school students, and is released from prison due in December, is known to have said, "I am repenting of my crimes. I will live without causing controversy after being released from prison."

According to the Ministry of Justice, in an interview with psychological counselors at the Ansan Probation Office in July, Mr. Cho expressed his feelings ahead of his release.

After Mr. Jo is released, he is expected to return to his address, Ansan, Gyeonggi.

In particular, Mr. Jo is said to have said, "I know how to evaluate my crimes in society," and "I will be accused of it."

It is known that Mr. Jo also said to the victim that he apologized.

It is said that Mr. Jo is currently in prison at Pohang Prison.

Since last May, we have been receiving intensive psychotherapy (150 hours), a special course for repeat offenders and high-risk specific sexual violence offenders, more than three times a week.

The Ansan Probation Office plans to apply a thorough program to lower the likelihood of a recidivism even after Mr. Jo is released from prison.

One-on-one electronic supervision, additional measures for special compliance such as alcohol restrictions, and cooperation with the police and local governments.

The Ansan Probation Office has increased the number of supervisors from 2 to 4 in order to strengthen the supervision of Jo.

There is also a policy to designate additional personnel to intensively control Mr. Jo who is subject to one-on-one electronic supervision after release.

The probation officer in charge of Mr. Jo receives weekly reports of his life plan, including the movement of Mr. Jo, and also conducts daily life checks through business trips to visit Mr. Jo.

The Ministry of Justice is planning to apply to the court to add or change compliance matters to suppress recidivism such as'prohibition of drinking more than a certain amount','prohibition of access to child protection facilities', and'restriction of going out'.

The Ministry of Justice has also completed the formation of a consultative body with the police station that has jurisdiction over Mr. Jo's residence.

A plan to connect a closed circuit (CCTV) that can check for abnormalities in Mr. Cho's current location with the control center is also under consideration.