The face of the accomplice An Seung-jin (25) of Moon Hyung-wook (24), the operator of'God Got', the operator of'n Room', a telegram chat room sharing sexual exploitation, was released on the 23rd.

Ahn Seung-jin, who was arrested and arrested by the police for allegedly producing and distributing child sexual exploitation (violation of the Act on the Protection of Child and Youth Sex), revealed her face without a hat and mask in front of the Andong Police Station before the relocation of the Daegu District Prosecutors' Office Andong District Office. I did it.

He was wearing a pair of glasses with a relatively small physique, unlike in the photo released earlier.

Ahn Seung-jin said, "I'm really sorry for the victim and the victim's family," and then asked, "Yes, I'm really sorry."

Regarding the motive for the crime, he said, "I think it was due to pornography addiction."

"I think it's because of sexual curiosity," said the reason for contacting Hyung-Wook Moon.

From March 2015 to March 2016, Ahn Seung-jin is accused of producing sexual exploitation by approaching about 10 children and adolescents using SNS and threatening to receive body-exposed images.

She is also charged with having sex with a victim who came to know on social media in April 2015.

He was also accused of attempting to produce child sexual exploits, including threatening three victims after being ordered by Moon Hyung-wook in March last year.

It was also revealed that from March to June 2019, more than 1,000 sexual exploitation of children was distributed and 9,200 related sexual exploitation were carried out.

While investigating Moon Hyung-wook, the police discovered the situation in which Seung-jin Ahn spread n-room sexual exploitation and threatened the victims together with Moon Hyung-wook, and investigated the situation based on digital evidence, etc., and confessed to the crime.

Following the arrest of him on the 15th, the Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency decided to open a new disclosure committee consisting of seven internal and external members on the 18th, comprehensively considering crimes, damages, evidence relations, and the right to know the people.

(Photo = Yonhap News)