It turns out that a woman in her 40s, who had her stepchildren locked up in a travel bag and reached a state of rest, has been holding her child in her bag for more than seven hours.

According to the Chungnam Police Agency, which is investigating the case, the A(9) group, found unconscious in an apartment complex in Seobuk-gu, Cheonan on the 1st at 7:25 pm, moved their suitcases over 7 hours from noon on the day. They were found to be trapped on the way.

According to the police, step mother B(43) of group A originally put group A into a suitcase 50 cm wide and 70 cm wide and then locked it into a bag 44 cm wide and 60 cm wide.

An officer in the police said, "It is the second bag found by Army Group A (by 119) in a state of cessation."

According to the analysis of the elevator closed-circuit (CC) TV, Mr. B also found out that he left the group A in his bag and went out for about 3 hours.

Group A, who was transferred to a university hospital after undergoing CPR on the evening of the 1st, has not recovered his consciousness on the third day.

The police have filed a warrant for arrest for violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes (Child Abuse Punishment Act).

Interrogations of the suspects before arrest are held in the afternoon of the Daejeon District Court in Cheonan.