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An international student who recently entered Korea and was confirmed by Corona 19 has revealed personal identities and movements through the local community. This is to prevent innocent damage.

A 21-year-old international student A, who is the 17th confirmer from the Jeollabuk-do region who entered the United States, entered the country from the time of his departure from the United States through the 'Jeonju Tamarhae' Facebook page to deliver the news of the Jeonju region yesterday (8th). The details of the process until receiving the information were given.

Mr. A introduced himself as "a student who left Washington DC on the 5th and arrived at Incheon Airport on the 6th." He said, "I was quarantined at the airport and passed through the national immigration system, so I did not contact anyone."

"I arrived at the public health center on the bus to Jeonbuk on the evening of the 6th and received a corona 19 test and quarantined at the Jeonbuk University facility until 6 pm on the 7th of the next day." No symptoms. "

He also said, "I kept wearing a mask for about 30 minutes on the plane from before I left the United States to after I arrived in Korea."

Mr. A said, "Fortunately, there was no contact, and I acted as directed (to the authorities) to prevent a large spread. I will expose my personal information to prevent further spread." He said using a KE094 flight and sitting in a 42G seat. Then I finished writing, "I will act correctly so that I will not be harmed by me, and I will cure it safely. Thank you."

The netizens who heard the news evaluated Mr. A as a 'best patient' and said, "If you really have a person like this, you'll be quiet right away", "Someone who is out of quarantine, learn and learn", "It deserves praise", "Will be cured quickly." "Please."

Currently, Mr. A is being treated at Namwon Medical Center. An official from Jeollabuk-do said, “A, after entering the country, he moved to a vehicle provided by the local government, and there were 0 contacts in the province.
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(Photo = 'Tell me about Jeonju' Facebook)