In the aftermath of the new corona, mask shortages have emerged, and disposable masks using kitchen towels have come to the fore.

Today, the Saemaul Women's Association and the Volunteer Center in Jeju Island say they produce 100,000 disposable masks made of kitchen towels and distribute them to towns, villages, and town offices.

How to make is simple. You can fold a kitchen towel into a mask shape and make earrings with rubber bands on both sides.However, online production methods and testimonials are appearing one after another.
The activity focuses on voluntary participation from community groups, focusing on the new coronavirus as a droplet infection (a small droplet of fluid that pops up when a person coughs, sneezes or talks).

An official from Jeju Island said, "It is made of paper, but it is less functional than a health mask, but it is better than not wearing a mask in case of emergency."

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(Photo = provided by Jeju Island)