The Minister noted that Russia and Belarus have many similar demographic patterns.

“We have now prepared a new project of scientific and practical activities in the field of antimicrobial resistance,” RIA Novosti quoted Skvortsov as saying.

She explained that "this is actually a problem, which is now the basis of biological safety around the world."

The head of the Ministry of Health added that this issue requires a comprehensive solution, including through the creation of new alternative antibiotics.

Since the end of 2017, Russia has been implementing a strategy to prevent the spread of antimicrobial resistance for the period until 2030.

According to the decree of the Russian government, the implementation of the strategy will increase the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases of people, animals and plants, and reduce the severity and duration of treatment of diseases.

In particular, one of the points of this strategy is to ensure that antibiotics in pharmacies are dispensed with a prescription.