Chung Kyung-Shim, a professor at Chung-Ang University, who was asked for a warrant of arrest for his / her children's entrance exam and suspicion of private equity investment, attended the court to be interrogated before the arrest.

Arriving at the Seoul Central District Court at about 10:10 am, Professor Jung went to court saying, “I will go to court in good faith.”

Prof. Chung's warrant examination began at 10:30 am in the Seoul Central District Court, No. 321, with a hearing from Deputy Judge Song Kyung-ho.

Redemption will be decided as early as this night, not later than tomorrow morning.

The Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office used the daughter's forged Dongyang University citation on the arrest warrant filed on the 21st, which hindered business and public execution for admission to Seoul National University and Pusan ​​National University Graduate School of Medicine. Acquired 11 crimes, including Acquisition, Tong Yang University Lab and PC Witness Destruction in Bangbae-dong, Seoul.

The prosecution, which has been involved in allegations of suspected attorney general for the past two months, is playing a key role in securing Chung's recruit.

Professor Chung denies virtually all charges and expects a fierce workshop.

The prosecution is likely to highlight the importance of the issue, with Professor Jeong, a spouse of a senior official, buying unsecured shares and illegally withdrawing private equity investments.

It is also emphasized that there is a suspicion of forgery of false entrance examinations from counterfeiting or false documents such as the Tong Yang University Citation.

Immediately after the investigation, the situation has already been attempted to destroy the evidence, such as stealing the PC hard disk by an asset manager.

In connection with the false issue of an internship certificate and the order to prepare a private equity fund management report, Seoul National University Human Rights Law Center seems to be in danger of further destruction of evidence such as 'justification'.

Professor Chung insists, "We divided the two questions about the entrance exam and private equity investment into 11 crimes."

In particular, charges related to private equity were a result of misunderstandings by the prosecution. Will

The allegations that the evidence was destroyed were also part of the process of confirming and clarifying the facts, including through a former personnel hearing.

The lawyers say that "the misunderstanding of fundamental facts," Professor Chung faithfully responded to the seven demands of attendance, and there is no fear of escaping.

The issue of restraint warrants will be attributed to Professor Chung's health problems such as brain tumors and cerebral infarction.

Professor Chung submitted computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, and a neurosurgery certificate to the prosecution.

The prosecution said, "We have thoroughly examined our health status through objective and fair procedures. We will explain the verification process and results in detail at the interrogation."

Chung has suffered headaches and dizziness since he suffered a skull fracture in a 2004 accident while studying in the UK, the lawyer said.

During the prosecution's summoning investigation, we did not receive a long-term investigation due to brain function, optic nerve disorder, dizziness and vomiting.

(Photo = Yonhap News)