Two foreign workers were seriously injured in a gas explosion at a shipyard in Yeongam, Jeonnam. It is assumed that an explosion occurred because the LP gas hose broke during the welding operation.

This is the news of the incident and accident at night.


An injured man falls down on the ship and sees gas cylinders and tangled hoses.

At 5:30 pm yesterday (13th), a gas erupted at a shipyard in Yeongam, Jeonnam.

A 44-year-old Chinese worker, A, suffered third-degree burns, and 38-year-old B, a second-degree burn on his face.

The fire authorities believe that an explosion occurred immediately after the LP gas hose was broken during welding.


Police officers use hoses to water fired vessels.

At 7:45 yesterday evening, a small fishing boat anchored at the dock in Oido, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, was turned off in 20 minutes without fire or injury.

Fire authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.


About 10:25 last night, 44-year-old Han Mo fell into the sea off the coast of Mokpo Peace Square in Jeonnam.

Han was rescued and rescued by the rescue team and the police who were dispatched to the hospital.

Mr. Han, who was with the party at the time of the accident, was said to have jumped into the water to swim.