Lee Hee-jin's parents murdered Kim, "I did not kill"

Kim, who is the main suspect in the murder of Lee Hee-jin, a wealthy owner of Cheongdam-dong, denied charges of robbery on July 26, Kim said, "I planned a certain part of the crime but I did not kill it."

Kim Dong-young (34), the main suspect in the murder of Lee Hee-jin (33, under arrest) in Cheongdam-dong rich stock, has denied accusations of robbery on July 26 and has committed a crime to the accomplices who escaped.

Kim said, "I planned a certain part of the crime but I did not kill it."

He repeated his previous position, "No," when asked if he planned any additional crimes.

Asked if there was something I wanted to say to the victims, I said, "I'm so sorry ..."

"I did not kill him," he said again before boarding a car moving to the prosecution. Actually, the assassins who fled to Qingdao, China on the day of the murder claimed they killed the victims.

Kim decided to release his personal information the day before, but he did not use a mask or a hat, but he went to the police station with his face covered in his face by raising the collar of his coat and bowing his head.

On May 25, Kim hired three people including A (33), a Chinese compatriot, to murder Lee's father (62) and his mother (58) at his parents' apartment in Gyeonggi Province, I am accused of robbing.

He was taken to the refrigerator and chest of the mother and then moved to the storehouse of Pyeongtaek and moved out of the crime scene.

On the same day, police received a report from Mr. Lee's brother about disappearance of the victims. On the same day, they found her mother's body at his parents' house, turned the disappearance case into a murder case and went into the investigation.

On the following day, Kim arrested Kim at a convenience store in Suwon on the 17th, and investigated motives such as robbery.

(Photo: Yonhap News)

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