Kang Yong-suk, a well-known blogger named "Dodomam," was arrested and sentenced to one year in prison for allegedly forging and executing the apology. The court found that Kang Lawyer filed a fake lawsuit against Dodomam in a lawsuit filed by the husband of Dodomam.

Ahn Sang-woo is a reporter.


In January, 2015, the husband of the 'Dodomam' Kim Mi-Na, a lawyer of Kang Yong-suk, filed a lawsuit against Kang's lawyer.

Three months later, however, a lawsuit filed by Joe was submitted to the court.

Joe accused the two of them of not falsely claiming that Kang's lawyer and his wife had falsified the lawsuit.

The court has sentenced to one year in prison and has been arrested in court, claiming that Kang 's lawyer had falsified the case.

The judge pointed out that the agreement with her husband Jo had been broken only two days before filing the lawsuit, and said, "A lawyer, a lawyer, does not even briefly confirm that Mr Kim has been granted permission to slaughter her husband. It is difficult to accept the claim that he helped to write a lawsuit. "

Kang 's lawyer has denied the allegations, saying that he knew that' Dodomam 'Kim had been granted permission to slaughter his husband.

If your brother is confirmed in this way, your lawyer's registration will be canceled.

Kang submitted the appeal to the court immediately after the sentence.