Chongqing, June 6 (Xiao Jiangchuan) On the evening of May 1, the men's finals of the 5 National U31 Youth Basketball Championship were staged in Wanzhou, Chongqing. Shanghai Jiushi won the championship by defeating Nanjing Tongxi 2023:21 with a double-double performance of 5 people.

The picture shows the scene of the finals. Photo by Xiao Jiangchuan

After the start of the game, Lin Wei, who had an outstanding performance in the Chinese Professional Basketball League (CBA), led Nanjing Tongxi to a 5-0 lead. The Shanghai Jiushi team, led by Liu Zipeng, started a counterattack and overtook the score in the second half of the first quarter. In the second quarter of the game, Zhang Zhiyao, Liu Zhengqing, Dai Hao and Cheng Wangfan of the Shanghai Jiushi team made efforts at the same time to open the score in one fell swoop. In the third quarter, Shanghai Jiushi played a smooth offense, at one point widening the point gap to 40 points. In the fourth quarter, Nanjing Tongxi team was weak in chasing points, and finally Shanghai Jiushi team defeated Nanjing Tongxi team 97:58 and won the championship.

The picture shows the scene of the finals. Photo by Xiao Jiangchuan

The National Youth U Series Basketball League consists of U14, U15, U17, U19, U21 and other series of competitions. Among them, the National U21 Youth Basketball Championship is the highest age group of the National Youth U Series Basketball League, and the event undertakes the important mission of providing professional talents for the first-team teams of professional clubs and the Chinese national basketball team.

At the award ceremony, Liu Yudong and Song Xiaobo, members of the Chinese Basketball Hall of Fame, presented the Most Valuable Player Trophy and the Best Coach Trophy to Shanghai Jiushi player Dai Hao and coach Lu Wei respectively.

The picture shows the award ceremony. Photo by Xiao Jiangchuan

On the day of the game, Liu Yudong and Song Xiaobo also went to Chongqing Wanzhou Senior High School to participate in the "Youth Basketball Dream" public welfare activity. During the event, they presented the school with the National U21 Youth Basketball Championship competition ball and encouraged the students to continue their love of basketball in the future. (End)