The lawyers of the president of the French Football Federation Noël Le Graët, pinned down by the provisional conclusions of an audit mission on the FFF, denounced Thursday a "report that looks like an indictment" and a "legitimacy trial", ensuring in a statement that the leader "will firmly defend his honor".

"The virulence of the words used with regard to Mr. Le Graët is surprising in view of the emptiness of its factual basis, which is based on truncated and anonymous elements and testimonies", assure AFP Mes Florence Bourg and Thierry Marembert, lawyers for Le Graët, withdrawn since January 11.

The latter has not yet reacted to the preliminary report of the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR), commissioned by the Ministry of Sports and sent to the parties on Monday.


Le Graët case: “The yes-men of NLG”… In the shadow of the scandal, the limits of the Comex of the FFF


Scandal at the FFF: Noël Le Graët no longer has "the necessary legitimacy" to remain president, according to the audit report

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