Why do young people "fall in love" with Baduanjin【Traditional fitness exercises have quietly become popular after 95 girls form a group to check in and keep healthy】

  "Health Qigong Baduanjin, preparatory pose, stepping with the left foot..." In the early morning, in a corner of the park, with the soundtrack of Baduanjin playing in the earphones, Ji Dao took a deep breath and slowly raised his left foot. feet, and followed the password to start Baduanjin's "hands on the sky to manage the triple burner"-this is the first step to complete the daily Baduanjin check-in task.

  A few days ago, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine's TCM Epidemic Prevention and Control Expert Committee issued the "Guidelines for the Intervention of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Home for Patients Infected with New Coronary Virus", which included Baduanjin and other exercises in the home-based Chinese medicine prevention plan for the new crown virus.

  As a result, this set of traditional Chinese fitness exercises is now quietly popular among young people.

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  Building a group punch card Baduanjin

  "Hey, record the 31st day of Baduanjin check-in." At 8 o'clock in the morning, Ji Dao sent a line of text in her Baduanjin check-in group, which was the full moon day of her Baduanjin check-in.

  Ji Dao is 23 years old and is currently a second-year graduate student.

In summer, she goes to the gym every day for anaerobic and aerobic exercises. She also likes outdoor jogging and mountain climbing.

In winter, she feels that it is very inconvenient whether she is doing outdoor sports or going to the gym.

So, she wanted to find some more soothing exercises with less sweating. After seeing Baduanjin on the Internet, she decided to try this traditional fitness method.

  One morning in November 2022, Ji Dao got up early, went to the park to find a bench, put his thermos cup away, leaned his phone on the back of the chair, played the Baduanjin video, and started a Learn one by one.

Although it felt a bit strenuous at first, she persisted for 12 minutes.

  After the beating, she felt hot all over and had some energy, so she decided to persevere.

"Punch in and record it." The thought flashed through her. She took out her phone and posted a post on the Internet: "Baduanjin punch-in DAY1, I feel that this exercise is slow-paced and very suitable for me. Do you have any sisters to check-in together?"

  What Yoshishima didn't expect was that when she opened the post that afternoon, there were dozens of unread messages.

She clicked on development and found that many people are interested in Baduanjin, and many people even messaged her privately, asking if they could set up a WeChat group to check in together.

Apart from being surprised, she was more happy, so she created a WeChat group called "Baduanjin Punch Card Everyday", and attracted everyone who wanted to join the group.

  "This group is used to check in for sisters who love Baduanjin to keep fit and healthy. You can also discuss health and health topics, share joys in life, and talk about a little trouble, but remember to check in!" After becoming the group owner, Ji Dao worried There were similar advertisements, bad links, etc., and she was also worried that there would be check-ins for other health exercises such as Tai Chi, Diamond Sutra, etc., so she deliberately emphasized in the group announcement that this group is Baduanjin check-in, in order to maintain order in the group.

  Afterwards, people continued to send private messages to Ji Dao, expressing their desire to join the check-in group. Ji Dao never tired of doing it and responded positively.

The new "Jinyou" who just joined the group greeted warmly, the old "Jinyou" warmly welcomed them, and some group friends also pulled people around them into the group. In this way, this small group quickly gathered more than 40 like-minded young people .

  "Jinyou" bond

  Average age 24 to 5 years old

  The check-in group is basically girls born in 1995, and there are also a few born in 00, with an average age of 24 or 5.

In addition to the regular Baduanjin check-in every day, this group of girls will also share the reasons for starting to practice Baduanjin in the group. The basic situation is similar to that of Jidao. The body is chills, has stomach problems, poor sleep, and poor immunity .

They all began to suffer from some minor ailments at a young age, so they wanted to enhance their immunity in different ways.

  They became acquainted because of Baduanjin, "The brocade friends will tell their own stories. This kind of atmosphere of telling and talking to each other is very like a big family."

  In the process of communicating in the group, the stories of several "Jinyou" also left a deep impression on Ji Dao.

A mother was diagnosed with cancer, and her worries made it difficult for her to sleep. In order to improve sleep and strengthen her body, she began to practice Baduanjin.

Haruko, the "veteran" in the group, will enthusiastically answer questions about many diseases such as dry eye, pharyngitis, rhinitis, migraine, and anxiety.

There is also Atu, she is a nurse, and she is also a Baduanjin expert in the duty room every day after work.

  "Is there anything special about practicing Baduanjin? Is it better to practice in the morning or in the afternoon?" In the group, some questions arise from time to time.

"It's better to practice in the morning, and practicing too late will affect the quality of sleep." The "Jinyou" in the group enthusiastically gave their experience and answers, and also sent the video of their practice to the group for everyone to learn from and discuss Precautions for various moves and breathing, etc.

  However, Ji Dao soon had some worries of his own, "I am not an expert myself, and I am still a beginner in Baduanjin, lacking experience." As more and more "Jinyou" joined the group, when the group leader Make her feel a little stressed.

  After a long time, there have been some differences of opinion among the group members. As the group leader, she is responsible for coordinating conflicts.

For example, Xiao Jia, who suffers from anxiety, often complains and worries about her physical condition in the group.

In this regard, Ah Qing expressed dissatisfaction in the group, and privately chatted with Ji Dao, saying that she could not bear it and wanted to quit the group.

Ji Dao could only persuade the two parties, and the group slowly restored "peace".

  Ji Dao found that in addition to checking in and discussing Baduanjin every day, the "Jinyou" in the group also discussed a lot of knowledge about health and regimen.

Some girls ask in the group: "What should I do if my menstrual period is delayed?" They will get enthusiastic answers: "It may be useful to boil angelica egg brown sugar water to warm up your body. My mother's old method", "Use hot water every night If you soak your feet in water, sticking to Baduanjin is useful."

In addition, health-preserving coups such as recipes for nourishing the stomach and acupuncture points for massage also appear in the group from time to time.

  In addition, the theme of this group is not only health preservation, sharing life, helping "Jinyou" to relieve emotions and encouraging each other is also a daily routine in the group.

Some girls will post food or daily short videos in the group.

When the group of friends has troubles in life, the "Jinyou" will also go online one after another, enthusiastically comforting them, and recommending some small tricks to slap some body parts to expel the stuffiness in the body. The atmosphere is very harmonious.

  young people learn health

  "Slow" living is becoming more and more popular

  The reason why fitness and health regimens such as Baduanjin can quietly become popular among these young people has a lot to do with the spread of the Internet.

"Jinyou" Xiaohe said that he started following the recommendation of his favorite blogger.

Ji Dao, who often browses health and fitness information, is influenced by big data and often watches traditional fitness exercises such as Baduanjin, Wuqinxi, and Diamond Sutra pushed by the platform.

  "I have practiced Tai Chi before, and actually want to try Wu Qin Xi, but I feel (those) are more difficult than Ba ​​Duan Jin." Duan Jin recommended it to people around her, and several friends also started checking in every day under her strong recommendation.

Baduanjin has unexpectedly become one of the topics of daily family communication.

  In fact, in addition to Baduanjin, traditional health and fitness exercises such as Taijiquan, Wuqinxi, and Diamond Sutra are gradually becoming popular among many young people.

  Browsing the major social platforms, it is not difficult to find that some young people are no longer just obsessed with the "fast" of Western physical exercise methods, but gradually accept the "slow" of traditional Chinese physical exercise methods.

  Working overtime, writing papers and other work and study pressures put a lot of burden on the body, cervical spondylosis, stomach problems, headaches and other diseases also come one after another, and unhealthy behaviors such as drinking and staying up late make the "difficult" body worse.

Some young people have a similar lifestyle to Yoshidao’s before. Before they came into contact with “slow exercise”, they would choose to go to the bar to play all night as a way to relax, but they found that they had to slow down for several days to recover their bodies. normal status.

  Nowadays, more and more young people join the health preservation group, hold a thermos cup, and start to take care of their lives.

"I have used a thermos for a long time, and I don't drink water that is lower than my body temperature." Ji Dao has had stomach problems for several years. After seeing a doctor several times, she no longer drinks alcohol, keeps the thermos in her hand, and cooks by herself Health-preserving tea, I also soak my feet every night. I also adhere to the concept of going to bed early and getting up early. I go hiking at five or six in the morning and check in Baduanjin every day. I have become a half-time amateur stomach "expert".

  Slow, began to become a way of life choice for some young people.

They began to study ways of life and entertainment that return to reality, such as cooking, growing vegetables, and chess and cards, and the pace of life gradually slowed down.

Therefore, "slow" rhythm exercises such as Baduanjin, Taijiquan, and Wuqinxi are also in line with the rhythm of life that these young people yearn for.


  Baduanjin training should be done according to one's ability

  Blindly following trends is not advisable

  On December 10, 2022, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Expert Committee on Prevention and Control of Chinese Medicine Epidemics listed Baduanjin as one of the home-based Chinese medicine prevention programs for the new coronavirus.

  Liu Xiaodan, an associate professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, conducted a study in "Rehabilitation Training Guidance for Patients with Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia" which confirmed that Baduanjin can enhance immunity, regulate emotions, and reduce the infection rate of the new coronavirus.

Baduanjin is a holistic exercise that combines heart, breath, and shape adjustments. Practicing it is also helpful for the recovery of the new crown.

  As early as 2008, studies by Liu Hongfu and other scholars have confirmed that Baduanjin exercise can strengthen positive emotions and relieve depression.

"I feel warm in my body, and my immunity has improved." Many netizens reported that after practicing Baduanjin for a period of time, they feel lighter and stronger, and have achieved good results.

  However, some experts also said that Baduanjin is not suitable for all people to practice, and it is not advisable to follow the trend blindly, especially after the overcast has just turned negative, the body is still in a very weak state, and exercise needs to be moderate. exercise.

  "Practicing mistakes is better than not practicing." Whether it is a group of friends or netizens, there are also disputes when discussing whether Baduanjin should be practiced.

Some people believe that if Baduanjin is practiced incorrectly, it will not only have no effect, but will aggravate the symptoms of physical discomfort.

It is not advisable to practice blindly. For example, some people with spinal injuries and those who are too physically weak are not suitable for sports like Baduanjin.

  Experts such as Liu Xiaodan also reminded that the practice of Baduanjin should follow the principle of safety first, and patients who are at risk of falling are not suitable for training.

The initial training should be supervised by medical staff, paying attention to the subjective feelings of patients during and after training, as well as indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation.

When training, it is required to breathe naturally, not forcefully, not forcefully, and it is forbidden to hold your breath.

Step by step, the amplitude, frequency, and time of breathing and body activities can be gradually increased according to needs, and do not pursue one-step completion.

If there is any discomfort during training, such as coughing, chest tightness, headache, dizziness, joint pain, etc., the training movement should be terminated in time.

  Text in this edition/Reporter Zhang Ziyuan, intern Tian Luyao

  Coordinator/ Lin Yan Zhang Bin