- Mikaela has had so much pressure after all the wins and does all the interviews after the competitions.

They have number plate presentation late in the evening and award ceremony after the race.

With the tough schedule she has had, it takes so little to get sick.

It will be too much, says the USA's alpine spokesperson to SVT Sport.

Shiffrin will be back in the future Olympic location of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the speed weekend 20-22 January.

Shiffrin was second after the first run and fans in the finish line waved the inflated numbers 83 to cheer for taking over the women's World Cup record from friend and fellow American Lindsey Vonn who won 82 in her career.

Ingemar Stenmark has the overall record with 86 victories.

Shiffrin remains on 82 after Petra Vlhova took her first win of the season, after two impressive runs.

Hanna Aronsson Elfman was seventh, the second best placing in her career, is under rapid development.

She is said to be self-signed for the WC, even if she only sees it as a bonus.

"Unfortunately, I think she will break Stenmark's record"

- She is insanely stable and goes extremely fast too.

She has such stability in her riding that she can roll it up cleanly and pull on.

It looks so easy when she rides, says Aronsson Elfman, who gets to experience Shiffrin up close.

- Unfortunately, I think she will beat Stenmark's record, although I want him to keep it.

Soon she will take it, I think, says the Karlstad girl who competes for Kil.

Vlhova, with tears of joy in her eyes, stood and sang together with her many fans from Slovakia who always support her.

- Finally I was able to win and I'm so super happy, she says.

- It is an honor for me to compete during the same period as Shiffrin.

We push each other to become better and push boundaries.

We are good for each other.

Stenmark's record will soon disappear.

- Of course she will beat his record.

It is only a matter of a limited time before she will pass him.

I wish her all the best.

It feels good that she will get to show that she is the strongest, concludes Vlhova.

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