He said that qualifying the national team for the 2026 World Cup should be a major goal from now on

Al Yamahi: Emirates football needs a realistic strategy with the participation of all

  • Caio during the World Cup qualifier against South Korea.

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  • Nasser Al-Yamahi: "There must be a replacement process in the national team in preparation for the next World Cup."


Nasser Al Yamahi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujairah Club, said that Emirates football lacks proper planning, and it needs to develop a realistic strategy for the future that is at a high level and that everyone participates in making, and not individually, whether at the level of the General Sports Authority, the Football Association or the sports councils.

He told «Emirates Today» that «Emirates football has been suffering for a while, and this means that planning was not sound». It is to reach the 2026 World Cup. He added: “The team’s chances of qualifying for the next World Cup, compared to its current arrangement in Asia, are supposed to be great, with the increase in the number of Asian teams participating in the next tournament, which includes 48 teams, to eight instead of five in the last tournament.”

He also said: "There must be a replacement process in the national team in preparation for the next World Cup, given that most of the players in the national team currently will not be present with Al-Abyad due to the age factor."

He continued, "We have been planning randomly, and when we have a strategy today, another team or federation comes tomorrow and changes it, so it is time for us to have a clear strategy."

Al-Yamahi previously held the position of a member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association and head of the Players’ Status and Transfers Committee, and he said: “For us in the Emirates, one of the most important lessons learned from the last World Cup is that when we face big teams, with the presence of technical differences, there must be good preparation, as we have seen The historic achievement of the Moroccan national team, after it beat big teams such as Belgium, Spain and Portugal, as well as the Saudi national team that beat the current world champion, Argentina, and even the national teams of Australia, South Korea and Japan played good matches against great teams.

Al-Yamahi stressed that Emirates football does not lack financial support, but proper planning.

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