Shin Eui-hyun, who is challenging for the second consecutive medal in Beijing following the gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang 4 years ago. Yesterday (6th), I was not able to deliver the medal news in the main event, but I was moved by the fighting spirit.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon from Beijing.


Shin Eui-hyun, who competed for two days in a row following the biathlon the day before, ran with all his might on the 1,600-meter high course, which is more than twice that of Pyeongchang.

He made it through the first 3km point in 5th place, but after that, his speed dropped and he fell into mid-level.

But he did a last-minute spurt even though he was out of breath, finishing 8th out of 25.

[Shin Eui-hyun / Paralympic Nordic Ski National Team: I did my best...

I think I'm out of breath because the rent is high here.] Although it was a

pity that I couldn't win a medal in the main event, I expressed my gratitude with a trembling voice for the interest and support of the people.

[Shin Eui-hyun / Paralympic Nordic Ski National Team: (The Paralympic Games) made me dream.

So many people's attention...

I didn't know I would get it.]

The sprint of the iron man is not over yet.

In the remaining four events, Eui-Hyeon Shin will fight again with her unique 'positive energy'.

[Shin Eui-hyun / Paralympic Nordic Ski National Team: Running to death, what?

I took a breath today, so the next game will be better.]


The wheelchair curling team had their first win in three matches.

World No. 5 national team defeated Norway by winning two points each in the first and third ends, against Norway, the world's second-ranked player, who had lost four matches in the history of the national team.

After that, he allowed a chase and was chased by one point, but in the 7th end, while the opponent made a series of mistakes, he piled up stones one by one in the house and scored four points to divide the game.

Korea, with 1 win and 2 losses, will play the 4th game against the home team China today (the 7th).