Are they continuing to lose ground internationally? Or are they going back to the concert of the greats? The European championships next summer have long been a fixed star in German women's football, because then the national team will (have to) provide the answer after a three-year tournament break. For the time being, both seem possible. National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has a large selection and a good mix of experienced and young players available on paper. But is it enough? What is certain is that there is no longer any question of the former EM title subscription - Germany won eight of twelve continental championships held so far.

Before the last two international matches of the year this Friday (4:00 p.m. on ZDF) in Braunschweig against Turkey and on Tuesday in Faro against Portugal, the national coach is busy with an EM secondary theater. Voss-Tecklenburg recently returned, as she said on Thursday afternoon, "really frustrated" from a tour of the possible EM quarters in England.

The 53-year-old emphasized her lack of understanding that, despite the one-year postponement of the tournament, hardly any hotels would be offered that would meet the requirements of the DFB. Especially since the training grounds are sometimes 45 minutes away by bus. “That is not adequate what is offered by UEFA. That is unsatisfactory, ”says Voss-Tecklenburg. The former national player likes the here and now in the Wolfsburg quarter far better. You had a "great week", says the national coach. In the last home game in 2021, she demands of her players: "Full throttle."

In the goalkeeper position, despite four ball catchers present, Merle Frohms (Eintracht Frankfurt), the declared number one, will be used in both games.

Her club colleague Sophia Kleinherne and Dzsenifer Marozsan, who currently plays in the American professional league in Seattle, are initially absent due to infections.

Martina Hegering, after a long break from injury, will be nurtured by the DFB selection these days.

With a view to the EM, Voss-Tecklenburg is relying firmly on the central defender from FC Bayern, whom she describes as a “key player and leading player with us”.

After the mandatory task against Turkey, the Germans face the biggest hurdle in the World Cup qualifying group after four wins (20: 1 goals) with Portugal.

While the Turkish women have nominated active players in the lower class in this country, the Portuguese women can also muster forces experienced in the Champions League.

“Portugal will challenge us in many areas.

After that we will know a bit more, ”says the national coach.

However, not yet where the German team should sleep at the European Championships in England.