Despite hard work by the team in the depot, Oliver Solberg continued to have problems with power steering.

Solberg has the lead with over three minutes down to the Finn Jari Huttunen in the WRC2 class.

If the problems continue even on Sunday, it will be a difficult journey towards a probable victory for Solberg.

- I'm in so much pain!

I have driven 85 kilometers without servo, fast and I have pushed everything I have.

We have not been that far from the times, only 20-30 seconds, and that's okay.

But ... never again, never again, says Solberg and laughs about the test of strength on Saturday's distances.

Tomorrow, four sections of a total of just over 40 kilometers remain.

- It is extremely tough, we lost a bit in the total among all R5 cars but the most important thing for Hyundai is to keep positions one and two in WRC2 and that we lead that class.

So in that way I am still happy, says Oliver Solberg after finishing the Saturday stage.

Kristensson: "Incredibly snooped"

All drivers in the WRC2 class have had problems and some have been forced to break.

Among others, Swedish Tom Kristensson who after a strong start was forced to break last night.

- It feels incredibly snobby.

I'm very sorry about the situation.

We broke the shock absorber and unfortunately there was damage to the chassis, which meant that we could not continue.

Unfortunately, there is not much to do, says Tom Kristensson to SVT.

Before the incident that broke the shock absorber, Kristensson showed good speed and he enjoyed the feeling in the car.

- We compete against those who have ridden in the WRC for many years and take with us many positive pieces, including that we got to know the car and learned to handle this type of surface. I feel really safe on asphalt. Now it's just a matter of looking ahead and working on and getting started in Finland.