Three Japanese national teams for weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics, including Hiromi Miyake, who has won medals for two consecutive tournaments for women, and four, including Yoichi Itokazu, who is expected to win medals for the first time in 37 years for boys. Each has been unofficially decided.

This was announced by the Japan Weightlifting Association on the 15th.

The representatives of weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics will be decided by the number of "frames" in each country / region based on the points accumulated in multiple international competitions set by the League of Nations, and the athletes will be decided by the selection method decided according to the frame. To do.

As a result of all the tournaments being over and the points of each player being confirmed, in Japan, women won the host country frame of "3" and boys got the largest "4".

Of these, the women who were unofficially decided were the 49-kilometer class 35-year-old who won the silver medal at the London Games and the bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Games, Miyake, and the 55-kilometer class 28-year-old Kanae Yagi, who is the representative of the third consecutive tournament. And Mikiko Andoh, a 28-year-old player who is expected to win a medal in the 59 kg class, is the representative of the second consecutive tournament.

On the other hand, the boy is 30 years old in the 61 kg class, and he has been appointed as the representative of the second consecutive tournament following the Rio de Janeiro tournament where Itozumi won the 4th place, aiming to win the medal for the first time in 37 years since the Los Angeles tournament as a Japanese boy.

The other three are the first representatives, 25-year-old Mitsutaka Chikauchi of the 67 kg class, Masanori Miyamoto of the 73 kg class who is expected to win a medal at the age of 24, and 29 of the 96 kg class. I'm Toshiki Yamamoto.

All of the weightlifting Japanese national team players are now available.

Hiromi Miyake 49kg class

Hiromi Miyake is 35 years old from Saitama prefecture.

Under the guidance of his father, Yoshiyuki, who won the bronze medal at the weightlifting of the 1968 Mexico Olympics, he started the competition in the third year of junior high school.

In addition to his own power, he has improved his technique with an overwhelming amount of practice.At the Olympic Games, the Athens Olympic Games were 9th, the Beijing Games were 4th, and the London Games were the first women's silver medal. Won, won the bronze medal at the last Rio de Janeiro Games.

For the Tokyo Olympics, I decided to continue working in the new class of 49 kg, despite having a chronic illness in my lower back.

Even after that, I couldn't get enough training due to injuries and pains in both legs, and I missed the tournament and abstained one after another.

Miyake "I will do my best to maximize the chances given"

Hiromi Miyake said, "I couldn't participate without the host country, so I'd like to make the most of the chances I've been given. It's a tough situation, but I don't know what the match will be, so 1 I want to do my best to improve my ranking at any time. "

On top of that, for the Tokyo tournament, "I feel that there are 39 days left until the match, and I feel that it is in a blink of an eye. I want to do it. "

Kanae Yagi 55 kg class

Kanae Yagi is 28 years old from Hyogo prefecture.

He started weightlifting in high school and finished 12th in the London Games and 6th in the Rio de Janeiro Games, both of which participated in the 53kg class.

While aiming to participate in the 55 kg class, which is heavier than the original class, which was newly set for the Tokyo tournament, the results in the international tournament were sluggish.

Still, I managed to win the battle for the national team and grabbed the ticket to the big stage again.

Yagi "I want to achieve my goals firmly"

Kanae Yagi said, "I had a lot of difficult times, but thanks to a lot of support, I was able to do my best so far." I want to do my best aiming for a good ranking. I think it will be a tough fight, but I want to firmly achieve my goal, "he said with enthusiasm.

Mikiko Andoh 59kg class

Mikiko Andoh is 28 years old from Chiba prefecture.

The technique and speed of raising the barbell are highly evaluated, and he is particularly good at "jerk", in which the barbell is once lifted to the shoulder and then raised above the head.

Both finished 5th in the Rio de Janeiro Games, which was the first Olympic Games in the 58kg class, and 4th in 2017 at the World Championships.

In addition, he is aiming to win the first medal at the Tokyo Olympics, leaving a stable result in the international competition, with 5th place in the newly set 59 kg class and the 5th place in the adult world championship.

Ando "Responsible for playing a match that our friends can understand"

Mikiko Andoh said, "I have friends who have fought together for the right of representation. I feel that they have a responsibility to play a match that is convincing to see us who have been elected. I want to play the game with all my strength. "

On top of that, he enthused, "I think that winning medals is the minimum requirement, and among them, a total of 230 kg is the highest goal."

Yoichi Itokazu 61 kg class

Yoichi Itokazu is 30 years old from Okinawa prefecture.

With the power to raise the barbell powerfully with high strength and technique, he finished 4th in the 62 kg class at the Rio de Janeiro Games, which was the first Olympic Games, and was close to the podium.

In addition, he won a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships, and it was the first time in 36 years for a Japanese men to win a medal at the World Championships.

He will participate in the newly set 61 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics, and is expected to win medals for Japanese men since the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Number of threads "I want to win a medal firmly"

Yoichi Itokazu said, "I'm relieved for the time being. I've been competing in the qualifying session for three years since 2018, and I lost weight a couple of times a year, and my body was seriously damaged. Is a game, so I want to tighten my mind and prepare. "

On top of that, for the Tokyo tournament, he said, "I've been doing weightlifting for 15 years and I want to hit all my thoughts here. I was disappointed that I was 4th at the Rio de Janeiro tournament, so I want to win a medal firmly." It was.

Mitsutaka Chikauchi 67 kg class

Mitsutaka Chikauchi is 25 years old from Fukushima prefecture.

He started weightlifting in high school and has been a top player in Japan since college.

Even in international competitions, he has achieved stable results, such as finishing 6th in the adult world championships, and is expected to advance to the top in the Tokyo Olympics.

Chikanai "The goal is to break the Japanese record and win medals."

Mitsutaka Chikanai said, "I'm glad I got a job offer. At the Tokyo Olympics, my goal is to break my own Japanese record and win medals. If I can raise my best record, the results will follow." did.

Masanori Miyamoto 73 kg class

Masanori Miyamoto is 24 years old from Okinawa prefecture.

It has natural flexibility, and since high school, it has been expected to have high quality and future potential.

At Tokyo International University, under the guidance of director Yoshinobu Miyake, who won the gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the next Mexico Olympics, he set a new record and finished second at the World Junior Championships held in Tokyo in 2017. It has entered.

In the newly set 73 kg class, we are continuing to grow, marking a total of 345 kg, which is equivalent to the 4th place of the adult world championship at last year's All Japan Championship, and we are aiming to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

Miyamoto "I want to greedily compete and raise the Hinomaru"

Masanori Miyamoto said, "I was worried at first because the Tokyo tournament was postponed for one year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but I am glad that I got a job offer. And I want to raise the Hinomaru. "

Toshiki Yamamoto 96 kg class

Toshiki Yamamoto, a 96-kilometer weightlifting boy, is 29 years old from Hyogo prefecture.

This is the first Olympic representative.

With a total of 370 kg in Japan in the 96 kg class, he has participated in four world championships so far, and in the most recent adult competition, he finished fifth in the 89 kg class, which is not in the Olympic class.

In addition, at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, he finished 4th in the 85kg class.

Yamamoto "I want to fulfill my medal promise to my teacher"

Toshiki Yamamoto said, "I'm impressed with the unofficial decision because it's the stage I've been aiming for since the beginning of the competition."

He added, "For 37 years since my teacher won the bronze medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, Japanese men's weightlifting has not been able to win medals on the Olympic stage. I promised my teacher to win medals, so the Tokyo Games Then, I want to fulfill that promise. I want to do my best until the end. "