In her debut at the senior European Championships in art in Budapest, Hungary, 19-year-old Clara Ternström scored 73.3637 points and finished in 16th place.

Thus, the talent misses the final in the free solo.

- It was fun.

A very cool experience.

It feels good to know how it will feel for tomorrow, says Ternström.

"More powerful than I imagined"

Ternström is the first Swedish participant at the European Championships in art swimming since 2014. And tomorrow it's time for the final in technical solo for the 19-year-old.

- I think I should have fun, that I should feel strong, and have my body in the right place.

And implement it as best I can, she says.

Was it what you expected?

- Almost more powerful than I had imagined.

It's a completely different thing than I had imagined, she concludes.

REPORTAGE: Clara Ternström ready for EC debut (6 May 2021)

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Clara Ternström charged for the European Championships: "Will be great"