Pitcher Lee Eui-ri, a special rookie of Kia's professional baseball team, made excitement with a dazzling hot pitch yesterday (22nd). In terms of the data, it is an evaluation that it is an all-time high-grade stone-quick ball.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Lee Eui-ri has a high dependence on fastballs yesterday, ending innings with 10 fastballs without throwing any other pitches in the LG game yesterday.

In three games this season, the percentage of direct-ball pitching out of all pitches exceeded 61%, making it the overwhelming first among starting pitchers.

There is a reason for a straight-ball match.

First of all, the average speed of a direct hit is 145.4 km/h, which is the second place among native starting pitchers and the fastest among native left-handers.

What's even more surprising is the change in the trajectory of the fastball.

The so-called'vertical movement' is 34.7cm, which is the largest among all starting pitchers, including foreigners, as if the ball floats from the batter's point of view.

If the'vertical movement' of a fastball is large, the probability of a batter swinging under the ball increases. Lee Eui-ri's vertical movement is larger than that of Seung-Hwan Oh’s straight ball in 2011.

Coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who was strongly impressed by the previous level of stone-quick ball, is known to be contemplating Lee Eui-ri's selection for the Olympic team.

(Video editing: Woo Ki-jung)