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Four games are scheduled today and we will of course follow them closely.

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  • 21.00: Heracles-FC Twente 1-1

  • Results:

  • Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 4-1

  • ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 0-0

  • FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 0-1

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 9 minutes ago

Ended: Vitesse-VVV 4-1

After five matches without a victory, Vitesse finally takes the full booty again.

In Arnhem, VVV beats 4-1, which means that the team from Arnhem will again skip Feyenoord to fourth place.

On Tuesday, VVV will already have a chance of revenge, because then both teams will face each other again in Gelredome, then in the semifinal of the KNVB cup.

Heracles Almelo-FC Twente ยท 10 minutes ago

Halftime: 1-1

A spectacular opening phase with goals from Azzaoui (after an unjustified corner) and Many does not really get a sequel.

The Twente derby has a score of 1-1 halfway through.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 19 minutes ago

82 'GOAL Vitesse!


Vitesse does not leave much to VVV in the second half.

After a nice combination, Matus Bero releases his teammate Armando Broja for the keeper and that results in the fourth Arnhem goal.

19 minutes ago

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 21 minutes ago

80 'With a victory at the expense of Feyenoord, Vitesse climbs to fourth place in the Eredivisie.

The Rotterdammers will only come into action tomorrow, in the top match against AZ.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 26 minutes ago

75 'GOAL Vitesse!


That seems to be the decision.

Sondre Tronstad lashes out and is lucky to have his bet changed direction.

For the Norwegian it is also his first goal in the Eredivisie.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 32 minutes ago

68 'Although Bazoer is not posted as a midfielder this season, but mainly as a defender, his counter has already reached four goals this season.

Only in 2015/2016, on behalf of Ajax, he scored more goals in the Eredivisie (5).

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 42 minutes ago

57 'GOAL Vitesse!


Bazoer makes up for his mistake with the goal against when he caused a penalty.

The defender is played on the edge of the penalty area and deliciously spoons the ball into the top corner.

Heracles Almelo-FC Twente 44 minutes ago

14 'GOAL FC Twente!


An exciting opening quarter in Almelo.

After Heracles defended poorly, Queensy Menig brushed the ball from the edge of the penalty area.

44 minutes ago

Heracles Almelo-FC Twente one hour ago

6 'GOAL Heracles!


The match could not have started better for Heracles.

Ismail Azzaoui scores from a corner.

Extra sour for Vitesse: it seemed to be a Heracles player who worked the ball over the back line himself.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo one hour ago

46 'The ball is also rolling again in Gelredome.

Which club will fuel confidence towards the semi-final on Tuesday?

Heracles Almelo-FC Twente one hour ago

1 'The ball also rolls during the late game tonight.

In the Twente derby, not only the points, but also the honor of the region are at stake.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo one hour ago

Rest: 1-1

A lightning-fast lead from Vitesse does not appear to be the prelude to a simple home win at VVV.

Due to a penalty kick from Eredivisie top scorer Giakoumakis, it is halfway 1-1 in the general for the semi-final on Tuesday in the cup tournament.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk one hour ago


ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk 0-0

ADO should have won to narrow the gap with the safe fifteenth place, but does not succeed.

Despite a predominance, Ruud Brood's team does not get further than a big chance for Kramer after the break.

The difference between RKC and ADO remains eight points, and that seems difficult to bridge with only ten games to go.

an hour ago

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk one hour ago

90 'ADO has four minutes extra time to drag out another victory.

RKC seems satisfied with one point.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo one hour ago

Giakoumakis is the first player outside the traditional top three to score at least 23 times in the first 23 matches of an Eredivisie season, since Nikos Machlas on behalf of Vitesse in 1997/1998 (also 23).

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 2 hours ago

76 'The' Hague quarter 'breaks in the Cars Jeans Stadium and immediately the home team gets a huge opportunity to take the lead.

Kramer gets the ball wonderfully on his head, but heads over.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago



Obviously Giorgos Giakoumakis is behind the ball and it goes without saying that it hits the mark.

The Greek sends Remko Pasveer in the wrong direction and makes number 23 of the season.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

17 'Penalty VVV

An awkward moment from Bazoer, who slips Hunte into the penalty area.

The ball hits the dot.

2 hours ago

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 2 hours ago

62 'A change of the guard in the front at RKC.

Finn Stokkers comes to replace Ola John.

The match can also use an offensive impulse, because there is not much to experience in the second half.

Heracles Almelo-FC Twente 2 hours ago

The Twente derby between Heracles Almelo and FC Twente is today's late game.

With these players the


off starts at 9 pm



up Heracles:


Fadiga, Prรถpper, Rente, Quagliata;

Schoofs, De la Torre, Vloet;

Azzaoui, Kutucu, Burgzorg.

Line-up FC Twente:


Ebuehi, Dumic, Pierie, Oosterwolde;

Zerrouki, Roemeratoe, Bosch;

Narsingh, Danilo, Many.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

3 'GOAL Vitesse!


That is a very early lead for Vitesse.

Loรฏs Openda keeps up well with Armando Broja and gets the ball from the Albanian at just the right time.

The Belgian then places the ball in the roof of the goal.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

1 'Kick-off!

Vitesse and VVV-Venlo have started the foretaste of the cup match.

On Tuesday, a final place in the cup tournament is the bet, tonight it is 'just' about three points in the Eredivisie.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 2 hours ago

46 '

Start second half!

Referee Jochem Kamphuis has started the match again.

At RKC, Oosting had to make way for Azhil.

2 hours ago

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 2 hours ago

Halftime: 0-0

A ball hit the crossbar by Kishna and a goal by Oosting rejected due to offside were the highlights of an otherwise fairly tame first half.

If ADO wants to narrow the gap to the safe fifteenth place, it will have to be better after the break.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 2 hours ago

40 'After a promising start, caution is now the order of the day in the Cars Jeans Stadium.

The relegation cracker in The Hague seems to be heading for a half time score of 0-0.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

Coincidence is almost impossible: on Tuesday, Vitesse and VVV-Venlo will meet each other in the GelreDome for the semifinal of the KNVB cup and tonight we already get a taste.

Vitesse-VVV-Venlo is also on the program in the Eredivisie, also in Arnhem.

The lineups:

Lineup Vitesse:


Dasa, Doekhi, Bazoer, Wittek;

Rasmussen, Tronstad, Tannane, Bero;

Broja, Openda.

VVV-Venlo setup:


Pachonik, Gelmi, Da Grace, Schaefer;

Donis, Post, Shabani;

Machach, Giakoumakis, Hunte.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

25 '

VAR: no goal

The linesman has seen it correctly, after putting the lines on the video screen.

So it remains 0-0 in The Hague.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

24 'Oosting thinks he will shoot RKC from the counter at 0-1, but the flag is raised for offside.

Naturally, the VAR will check the situation.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

11 'Another good chance for ADO, which started the game much fiercer than RKC.

Adekanye shoots from close range after a sharp cross from right back Van Ewijk.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

4 'An enormous opportunity for ADO Den Haag to take the lead at lightning speed.

Kishna puts the ball on the bottom of the crossbar.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

1 'After a minute of silence for the legendary ADO goalkeeper Ton Thie, who passed away this week, it was kicked off in The Hague.

๐“๐จ๐ง ๐“๐ก๐ข๐ž, ๐‹๐ž๐ ๐ž๐ง๐ ๐…๐จ๐ซ๐ž๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š #RustSoftTon ๐Ÿ™


Author ADO Den Haag ๐Ÿ”ฐMoment of places14: 45 - February 27, 2021

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 3 hours ago

After the results in the Galgenwaard, ADO Den Haag feels the hot breath of FC Emmen in the neck.

There will be a lot of pressure tonight.

Stand at the bottom:

15. RKC Waalwijk 23-22

16. Willem II 23-14

17. ADO The Hague 23-14

18. FC Emmen 24-12

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago


FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 0-1

FC Emmen had to wait a long time for the first win of the season, but after the 3-2 against PEC Zwolle, the team of trainer Dick Lukkien has a taste for it.

The last player stunts in the Galgenwaard and wins 0-1, thanks to an early goal from Peรฑa.

The gap with Willem II and ADO Den Haag is only two points.

FC Utrecht drops from seven to eight.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

90 'The moment the board goes up with five minutes of injury time, Emmen defender Cavlan is treated on the field.

So there will probably be an extra minute.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

83 'FC Utrecht does not manage to become really dangerous and that is why the team tries it with long balls to the front.

FC Emmen is not really nervous and is getting closer to a stunt in the Galgenwaard.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

80 'Time is running out for FC Utrecht and that is why Hake tries to provide a new impulse with a double substitution.

The experienced duo Van der Maarel and Emanuelson come for Ter Avest and captain Janssen.

ADO The Hague-RKC Waalwijk 4 hours ago

After the final whistle, Emmen will look at today's second game with an oblique eye, because ADO Den Haag-RKC Waalwijk is also important for the battle at the bottom.




Lineup ADO Den Haag:


Van Ewijk, Pinas, Amofa, Kemper;

Goossens, Vejinovic, El Khayati;

Kishna, Adekanye, Kramer.

Setup RKC Waalwijk:


Bakari, Meulensteen, Touba, Quasten;

Van der Venne, Anita, Tahiri;

Daneels, Oosting, John.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

70 'FC Emmen had not shown itself in an offensive way for a while, but there is still the chance of 0-2.

A bet by Araujo is removed by St. Jago just before the goal line.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

58 'There FC Utrecht is close to the equalizer.

Goalkeeper Verrips saves well on a bet from close by from Kerk.

It is clear that the home team is much better in the game in the second half.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

52 'There is still little momentum in the second half.

This is partly due to an injury treatment by Van de Streek, who collides hard with Peรฑa.

The Utrecht midfielder can continue and a little later takes revenge on the Peruvian.

That will of course put him on yellow.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 4 hours ago

Kick-off second half!

Hake is obviously not satisfied and is showing that.

The Utrecht trainer keeps Boussaid and Van Overeem in the back of the dressing room and brings two fresh forces with Mahi and Sylla.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 5 hours ago

Rest: 0-1!

Who would have thought that FC Utrecht, in excellent shape, would have an easy afternoon against FC Emmen would be disappointed.

The last party is the parent in the Galgenwaard and is completely right with a 0-1 lead due to a goal by Peรฑa.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 5 hours ago

44 'There is finally a chance for FC Utrecht immediately after the break.

Goalkeeper Michael Verrips barely gets his hand against a header from Tommy St. Jago.

FC Utrecht-FC Emmen 5 hours ago

38 'A hopeful statistic for the Utrecht supporters: the team already took twelve points this season after falling behind.

Only Feyenoord (16 points) and PEC Zwolle (14) did better.

For the time being, however, nothing indicates a turnaround, because the team of trainer Renรฉ Hake is not very happy in the first half.

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