Commemorative ceremony at venues such as the Tokyo Olympics and Para-Swimming Ikee begins to swim October 24, 15:26

A ceremony was held to commemorate the completion of the venue where swimming and other events will be held at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics next year.

At the ceremony, Rikako Ikee, a swimmer, started the demonstration.

At the "Tokyo Aquatics Center" in Koto-ku, Tokyo, swimming and diving will be held at the Tokyo Games next year.

The city will spend about 56.7 billion yen to build it, and next year's Tokyo Games will have 15,000 spectator seats, including temporary ones.

This year, it was completed in February, and the ceremony was scheduled for March, but it was postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and a commemorative ceremony was held on the 24th, seven months later.

Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "I am confident that we have created a facility that will satisfy everyone. We will make thorough preparations in cooperation with the national government and the Organizing Committee so that we can win the new coronavirus and realize a safe and secure tournament. I will prepare it. "

The 50-meter-long pool can be changed in depth and length by moving the floor and walls, and is suitable for use by the citizens of Tokyo after the Tokyo Games.

The "Tokyo Aquatics Center" will be rented out to competition groups from the 25th, and athletes will practice for the actual competition.

Ikee "Very easy to swim and wonderful environment"

At the ceremony to commemorate the completion of the "Tokyo Aquatics Center", Rikako Ikee, a swimmer, started the demonstration.

Ikee participated in the beginning of the swim with para swimmers and others, and as the final swimmer of the medley relay, showed his own relaxed swim in the brand new pool.

After the ceremony, Ikee said, "When I arrived at the venue and saw the pool, I realized that the Olympic Games will be held here next year. The 3-meter-deep pool is very easy to swim in. I thought it was a wonderful environment. It was a good experience for me to participate as a representative of athletes and a representative of Tokyo. "

Ikee, who has returned to the competition from leukemia, is making steady progress, including participating in the Japan Student Championship this month with the goal of participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics.