Habib Diallo surrounded by Loïc Desiré (right) and Marc Keller, president of RC Strasbourg.


RC Strasbourg Alsace

  • The last day of the transfer window was pretty crazy in Strasbourg with the arrival of Metz striker, Habib Diallo, transferred against 10 million euros.

  • Beyond the record sum, this transfer surprises because it concerns a player from the rival club.

    Hence some dissatisfaction in Metz, where the supporters do not understand this movement.

  • In Strasbourg, it is obviously the opposite: we are delighted to have stung one of its best players at the neighboring club.

"Shame on you", "Cowards".

Two fresh tags were discovered on Tuesday morning on the walls of the FC Metz headquarters.

A new indicator of the anger which has animated certain Lorraine “supporters” since the signing on Monday evening of Habib Diallo at RC Strasbourg against around 10 million euros.

Since Sunday and the first transfer rumors, Twitter has been blooming with scandalized reactions.

The hashtag #FreeHabib had even been created, fueled by statements from the player himself.

In a voice message exchanged with a fan, we could hear him say that he was "forced to leave".

"It's the club that forces me to sell me"

“I said 'I'm not leaving, I'm staying' but they [FC Metz], they don't want to.

Strasbourg put in more than the other clubs that came.

It's not my fault, it's the club that forces me to sell me because they need money, ”he added in this audio thread widely distributed on social networks.

The transaction formalized, the Horda Frenetik 1997, a group of supporters of the east stand of the Saint-Symphorien stadium, issued a murderous statement.

Their target?

The management of FC Metz.

“Once again incompetence and indifference take precedence over respect (towards you, towards the supporters), over pride, honor and recognition.

[…] Tonight our Garnet heart is bleeding and sadness invades us.


“What we are waiting for now are explanations because we fall from a height.

We do not understand why we sell a player to a direct competitor at a price that seems a minimum ”, reacts Xavier Schmitt.

The president of the group of fans of the West tribune, Génération Grenat, however, denounces the recent behavior.

“Frankly, there is fire.

I've been with the club for forty years and I've never seen such a surge of hate.

It goes too far.


⌛️🕛 #DeadlineDay 🤝 pic.twitter.com/twZe383SFl

- RC Strasbourg Alsace (@RCSA) October 5, 2020

165 km to the east, in the Alsatian capital, the climate is obviously calmer.

“Seeing the unhappy Messins makes us smile,” laughs Philippe Wolff, the president of the Federation of RCS supporters, delighted with the final hours of the transfer window.

“A reassuring day since we kept Simakan and Diallo has all the right things.

He will strengthen an offensive sector in difficulty since the start of the season [three goals scored in six days].


"He arrives with a small burden"

Will Meinau welcome its new striker, visibly attached to the rival Metz after seven seasons under his colors?

“He is not the first to make the short journey between the two cities, he will have less moving costs.

In addition, transferred players often like to score against their former club, "jokes René Stoeckel, of the ABC group, for Allez les Bleus, Champions.

"He arrives with a small burden but it will be up to him to reset the counters to zero by winning the field", adds Ugo Tourot, a loyal supporter of Racing.

“If he gives all his soul to his new club and scores goals, we will quickly forget where he comes from.


David Zitelli can attest to this.

Passed from Saint-Symphorien to La Meinau in the summer of 1995, he had succeeded in his adaptation in Alsace, where he remains adored.

“I arrived in a very competitive team and we had to win the intertoto cup from the start,” he says.

I hadn't felt any animosity from the supporters.

I wish Habib Diallo good integration and goals.



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